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 Chat Rules Must Read

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PostSubject: Chat Rules Must Read   Sat Mar 15, 2014 6:47 pm

ChatBox Rules

1) Bad language is forbidden. (only words not censored by the chatbox filter will result in a warning.)
2) Don’t post adult content.
3) Avoid arguments with other members.
4) Don't post huge pictures(Which make chat scrolly)
5) Advertising is forbidden. (other academys, certain website, home shops, ect.)
6) Don’t disrespect Staff and other Members.


1st warning: We will take nothing from you.
2nd warning: Banned for 5 minutes.
3rd Warning: Banned 15 minutes.
4th Warning: Banned for a day.
5th Warning: You will be IP banned(depends on what it is and what offense it was).
Chatbox Warnings

1st warning: verbal warning

2nd warning: kick from chat

3rd warning: kick from chat again and a written warning

4th warning: ban from chat for 1 day

5th warning: ban from chat for 7 days

6th warning: ban from chat forever
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Chat Rules Must Read
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